Cannabis Business Social Network

5 Cannabis Business Social Network

A cannabis business social network is a great way for professionals in the industry to interact, connect, and share skills. These networks are ideal for those at all stages of the cannabis industry, from growers to budtenders, and even medical professionals. Many cannabis business social networks even cater to people working in the processing and retailing of cannabis products. This type of social network has a wealth of knowledge to share and is a great way to find a career in this industry.


Despite the recent legal troubles for cannabis businesses, LeafedOut has not wavered from its goal to revolutionize the industry. The company’s recent rebranding is an example of its commitment to staying ahead of the competition. In fact, the company expects exponential growth in the near future. Among its latest improvements is a streamlined mapping interface and enhanced security for accounts and infrastructure. Besides, LeafedOut’s mission is to improve the social and business lives of its users and continue to raise the bar in the cannabis industry.

The LeafedOut app and website are unique among similar services, as the platform is user-centric and focuses on peer-to-peer communication. Users are not required to provide personal details but can browse the profiles of other members in their area. As a result, Leafedout is a pioneer among cannabis social networks. In addition to this, users can also search for jobs and explore their career opportunities through this platform.

LeafedOut has grown into a top-level surface web platform that facilitates local cannabis exchanges. While the site’s initial offering included traditional social media platforms, the service has now graduated to a fully encrypted messaging platform called Wickr. Its clear planning guidelines help cannabis entrepreneurs build a social network that works for them. LeafedOut will continue to build on its reputation as the best cannabis business social network by 2020.

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WeedLife is a popular cannabis business social network that allows users to connect with others. Its user-friendly community allows you to connect with other users in the cannabis industry, participate in discussion forums, and connect with other companies and brands in the same industry. Moreover, the site’s social media marketing features help increase brand awareness and sales for weed-related businesses. A profile on Wildlife lets you promote your products and services independently, without the need for an official business page.

The WeedLife cannabis business social network is a rapidly growing community that has over 200k registered members from over 120 countries. The company provides various marketing solutions for cannabis businesses and offers exclusive forums for industry professionals. LeafedOut is another useful social media marketing tool for cannabis businesses. This platform offers a range of social media marketing tools, including marijuana forums and fan pages. You can connect with marijuana enthusiasts and participate in discussion forums, post photos, and videos, and engage in conversations.

LeafWire is another cannabis business social network that allows you to connect with other marijuana entrepreneurs, investors, and companies. You can share articles, videos, live streaming events, and create content groups for sharing with friends and colleagues. You can even create podcasts to share with your friends. LeafWire is similar to LinkedIn but is focused on connecting cannabis entrepreneurs with consumers and business professionals. LeafWire has over half a million connected users and continues to grow.


CannaSOS is a cannabis business social networking site with a large user base. It offers detailed reviews of marijuana products and dispensaries, and information about THC ratios, effects, and more. The site is user-generated and easy to navigate, with loads of forums and groups where you can discuss all matters related to marijuana, including the business side of cannabis. You can also use the network to ask questions related to the business of cannabis, or simply find the best way to consume it.

CannaSOS was originally created as a networking site for marijuana growers but has now evolved into a community for cannabis users. Here, they can discuss how to consume weed, which dispensaries are the best, and how legalization is affecting the industry. In short, they can learn from fellow marijuana enthusiasts. The largest cannabis business social network on the internet, CannaSOS has more than 400,000 members, and is an excellent place to meet other cannabis enthusiasts, market your products, and find investors.

Despite its recent popularity, CannaSOS remains a good option for a business looking to connect with the cannabis industry. Using CannaSOS to promote products and services is easy, and the website offers complete financial transparency. The site also has its own currency, called Perks Coin. The currency helps business owners develop a social strategy and tangible goals for their business. You can use this currency to make purchases and make sales.

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Duby is a social media platform designed to connect cannabis businesses and users. Its app was launched in April 2015 and has over 250,000 downloads. Duby processes 100,000 likes and dislikes a day. The platform is similar to a hybrid of Tinder and Instagram. It makes networking with other users and professionals easy and provides canna-businesses with a place to promote their businesses. In addition, it offers a rewards program.

The app is designed to be more democratic than typical social media sites. Many sites determine influence based on the number of followers. This can favor celebrities and concentrate influence among a select group. The Duby app, on the other hand, rewards passionate bud-heads with higher influence scores. Users can post pictures of their cannabis products and participate in rewards programs, such as movies and concert tickets. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

If you are looking for a social media platform for your cannabis business, the most popular option is Duby. Duby’s social network lets users interact with other cannabis business owners, share content, and view their top posts. While there are a few disadvantages to using Duby, the social media site is a good choice for cannabis business promotion. So, which one is best for your company? Duby’s cannabis business social network has a lot of potentials.


The online cannabis lifestyle and business community, PotGuide, has been a premier source of information for people in the industry. The site includes legal articles, career opportunities, and event listings, and has attracted millions of users. Founded by three friends in 2013, PotGuide aims to serve the needs of marijuana professionals by providing useful, relevant information. The site also serves as an online marketplace, bringing together buyers and sellers with a focus on the marijuana industry.

Another popular business social network is Leaf Wire. It features a variety of content, including podcasts, live streams, and articles. It allows members to create groups and share content with their friends. Additionally, users can create their own profiles, as well as share content with other members. This makes Leaf Wire an excellent platform for Content Marketing and Podcasting. Leaf Wire is a great option for people who want to share content with friends.

Another cannabis business social network is Leafly. It has an active facility map and license search tools. Some users can also place orders for cannabis delivery using Weedmaps. The website is also popular with cannabis professionals and job seekers. It also features a community for reporters to share information on the cannabis industry. While Leafly doesn’t allow for the promotion of unlicensed businesses, it does allow for advertisements and other opportunities to promote your business.


Wikileaf is a public company that has grown its social media following to include over 4,300 dispensaries. The company features live inventory data and ratings for cannabis strains. Its website and social media accounts also include a mailing list. The company’s most valuable assets are its website, social media accounts, and email list. Wikileaf’s main competitors are Leafly and Weedmaps. The former has more than 9.5 million monthly unique visitors and is estimated to be worth $50 million a year. Unfortunately, Wikileaf doesn’t offer a price comparison feature.

The company was acquired by Nesta Holding Co. Ltd. in 2020, two years after its launch. The company was founded by Chuck Rifici, the former CEO of Canopy Growth. Rifici and Nelson had worked together at Tweed Marijuana, which is now known as Canopy Growth Corp. Nelson sold the company to Nesta for an undisclosed amount. The company’s new CEO is Derek Firth, who previously worked for Canopy Growth.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and become legal, more companies are embracing technology. Fire & Flower and HiFyre will now use Wikileaf’s digital assets to expand their online business. The combination will allow Wikileaf to continue to grow and expand without additional capital or dilution to Wikileaf shareholders. When it comes to technology, the cannabis industry has been lagging behind other industries.


Allbud is an online cannabis social network that connects medical marijuana users, doctors, businesses, and investors. It features a searchable database of licensed marijuana dispensaries, forums where users can discuss products and services, and ads that allow users to earn profits from sponsored content. It is the first of its kind. With millions of members, Allbud is a great way for medical marijuana businesses to stay connected and reach out to new customers.

Weldable is another popular cannabis business social network that allows advertisers to target users by location and practice area. This allows users to predict Marijuana market trends and explore their growth potential. It has no setup fees or long-term contracts, making it a viable alternative to Facebook and Instagram for cannabis businesses. There are also a few cannabis-specific social networks that can help you build a more targeted advertising campaign. Click here to read more latest articles.

Duby is another cannabis business social network worth checking out. This platform is completely anonymous, so users do not have to worry about exposing their identities to other people. Due to this, Duby has thousands of users. This makes it easy to market your cannabis products and make connections with other cannabis businesses. Its unique features include a job board and a place to post videos and pictures. You can find the app on Google Play or the Apple apps store.