Great tips while playing at roulette

Roulette tips

Did you know that roulette is considered to be the queen of all casino games? Simple to play and easy to understand, roulette is one enticing game. The house edge is smaller, the game rounds are faster and strategies are more than welcome to help you while playing online.

Classical variants like European Roulette pay as much as 35:1 while modern roulette games pay up to 500x. If you are willing to try out this game at one NJ online casino, check the following advice, and use it while playing.

Never go over the budget

Have you ever heard of bankroll management? No matter if you play roulette or any other casino table game, keep in mind this – do not bet over your budget. Although it is a game of luck, roulette is a game of chance too. Even if you are going to use strategies like Martingale, Reverse Martingale, Paroli, and so on, there is no guarantee you’ll win each time.

For instance, you can use Martingale in one round and lose over and over again. Or, you will like to bet only on one number without luck. To keep your budget for the long run, try not to overbet on bets that are quite hard. Players usually start their betting adventure with bets on black or red, odds, and sequences of numbers from 1-18 to 19-35. They pay 2:1 but the winning chances are closer to becoming reality as there are up to 50% chances to win or lose.

A good idea is to start with lower bets. If you deposit 10 USD and want to play roulette don’t bet all the money at once. Start with small bets like 1 USD per round, look at the payouts, and gradually raise your bets. This way, you stay more on the roulette table, bet, and have fun with the other players.

Your budget stays up longer, you will have fun and, at one point you’ll stop gambling. One trick is to go to the settings on your account and set up a limit. Choose if this limit is only for the deposit or the loss. Setting up a limit keeps your budget safe & sound and out of problems. You have an idea about this, but let’s see when is the best moment to sit at the roulette table.

Know when to sit

We mentioned that roulette is a game of luck and strategies but so is a game of pure intuition. Maybe you opened a roulette live table game, and now, all you want to do is to gamble. You feel inspired, and your forecast turns out to be correct. What do you do when inspiration leaves you? Just sit out from the table. Take a break for a moment and place your bet when you feel. You can come back and bet on the same roulette game or try another variant.

  • Create your strategy and sit at the table with other players
  • Leave the table when you start to lose too much money
  • Stop when you finish your budget and don’t make another deposit

If you don’t feel like playing anymore, either take a break or change the game. Maybe it is better to try blackjack, baccarat, poker, or even slots. An online casino offers a wide variety of games. You don’t need too much experience to gamble, but you have to be responsible.

Get to know the right bets and payouts

Before starting to gamble on roulette, make sure you have an idea about bets. We advise you to try the classic table games first. Open a roulette game and try it for free – in the demo version. You will not make real money out of it, but you will gain experience and a better understanding of roulette.

In the demo version, you play against the Random Number Generator and not a live dealer. Take into account that live games are available only with real money. There, you play against a real person, the dealer, and not the RNG.

When you open the game, the first thing you get to see is the table. The table is numbered from 0 to 36, except the American Roulette which got two zeros. Check the info button to see the possible payouts and the type of bets. To make things more clear, we made the following list:

  • Outside bets – color bets (red or black), odd and even bets, 1-18 and 19 to 27, dozens and columns
  • Inside bets – straight up (bet on one number), split bet, street bet, corner bet, 4 or 5 number bet, line bet (also known as double street)

Note that outside bets are the ones placed on the roulette table. Their payout is usually 2:1. On the other hand, inside bets are on the roulette table, so they pay more. For instance, the straight-out bet pays 35:1 for European Roulette (classic version).


Save your profits right on time, learn when is the best moment to sit out some bets, and switch the game when you want to. Follow the advice given above, and start gambling. Add to your session some strategies and spice up your gambling experience. Play responsibly and be pragmatic with your budget while playing roulette. Once you do this and master all the tips described above, you are in complete control of the game.