Rooftop Tent

5 Advantages of a Rooftop Tent

There are so many types of tents out there these days, that making the right choice can be a tough call. However, it’s quite likely that the many advantages of a rooftop tent will be attractive to people who plan to go camping fairly regularly. It will cost more than a cheap dome tent, but if you’re likely to be a frequent camper, it will be worth the investment. Here’s why.

1. Greater Comfort

The best rooftop tents have built-in high-density foam mattresses, and since you don’t have to deal with hummocks in the ground, stones under your tent, and so on, you can be sure of a reasonably comfortable night’s rest. Some of them even include things like anti-condensation mats – so there’s less chance of dampness from condensation seeping through from the floor level and permeating everything inside.

2. Easy Setup

A good rooftop tent should fold open within a few minutes with little help from you. If you’d like to use the annex, after all, it’s a good way to expand your living space, you’ll need an extra ten minutes or so to erect that. Folding your rooftop tent back down usually takes a little longer than setup, but it’s still fairly easy to do.

3. Better Materials

A rooftop tent is built to last, so you can expect stronger materials, and a few extras that wouldn’t be included in most ground tents. Ground tents have to be easy to carry around, but a rooftop tent leaves your car to do the carrying and can therefore be made using heavier sturdier materials.

4. Your Bird’s Eye View Has Several Advantages

Apart from getting a better view through your tent’s doors and windows, being up on your car’s roof can be a huge advantage for purely practical reasons. When it rains, you don’t have to worry about waking up in a puddle of water and mud; there’s way less chance of snakes or creepy crawlies finding their way in, and bigger animals (or other humans) are less likely to be able to invade your space too. Also, being up there means you’ve got a good chance of better ventilation.

5. More Packing Space in Your Car

Tents, sleeping bags, and pillows can take up a lot of your packing space. Most fold-away rooftop tents leave a little room to spare, allowing you to keep your bedding packed in with your tent on the roof. Now, there’s more space for your camping cooler, toiletries, toys, ambitious camping wardrobes, and of course, the basics you’ll need whenever you hit the road on a camping trip.

5. Cheaper and More Compact Than an RV; Comfier Than a Tent

An RV allows you to take a small home-away-from-home with you, but it’s expensive to buy and maintain, takes up space in your garage or yard when not in use, and is heavy on the gas. A rooftop tent won’t have all the luxuries an RV has to offer, but it’s still way better than camping out in a flimsy ground-level tent, and it doesn’t need much space to store it when it’s not in use.

All in all, a rooftop tent provides you with safer and more comfortable sleeping quarters than tents without the high costs of owning and maintaining an RV. It’s a bit like converting your regular car into an RV instead. Add one to your outdoor-living wishlist and start planning those camping holidays!