Ariana Grande Perfume Set

Ariana Grande Perfume Set Review

Ariana Grande Perfume Set: There’s an Ariana Grande perfume set that you must have, and it includes her popular Cloud Intense and R.E.M. fragrances. However, the performance of these scents could be better. The perfumes’ longevity is average, so it could use a little work. Let’s take a closer look at the three. Which one smells the best? And how long will the scents last?

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Cloud Intense

If you’re looking for a new fragrance, the Ariana Grande Cloud Intense perfume set may be perfect for you. Originally released in 2021, this perfume is a deeper version of the pop star’s signature scent. The scent is very similar to the fragrance of the same name by Maison Francis Kurkdjian, though it differs in a few ways. It surprised me, but it was a pleasant surprise.

The fragrances are both quite sweet and similar to each other. Cloud Intense opens with a rich vanilla and bergamot accord, while Cloud 2.0 dries down to a more neutral scent. It’s a great combination of the two. The fragrances last a long time on the skin, and they’re both pleasant. However, you should know that they’re not the best match.

Ariana Grande perfume set Cloud is the most popular of the two. This fragrance is a sweet gourmand scent with notes of lavender, pear, vanilla orchid, and sensual musk. The scent is so strong that it can literally choke out an entire office building. The two perfumes work together to produce a sultry, sweet aroma that’s perfect for summer. It’s also available in a set of four different sizes.


If you’re a fan of Ariana Grande, you may be interested in purchasing her perfume set. This trio of scented candles includes her bestselling perfumes, including Ariana and Dream. You can purchase these scents on, or at your local Ulta store. These fragrances are sure to become your new favorites, and they make a perfect gift for any fan of the singer.

The perfumes come in different scents and are perfect for everyday wear. Ariana Grande is a true fashionista, and her fans love to follow her scent choices. This set contains three of her most popular fragrances, as well as a body lotion. With so many scents to choose from, you’re sure to find one you love. There are even a few for men! The three scents are great for everyday wear and are perfect for men and women of all ages. Click here to know more information.

Moonlight shares similar characteristics to Ari, but is darker and features holographic colors. The scent is sweet and feminine, with notes of marshmallow, vanilla, and blackcurrant. It has an average duration. It’s not a sexy choice, but a favorite among fans. And despite the price tag, it’s still worth picking up the perfumes for yourself. The set also comes with a pump bottle for easy carrying and refilling.


If you love dreamy fragrances, you can’t go wrong with Ariana Grande’s collaboration with R.E.M., which comes in an adorable set. The fragrance is reminiscent of Ariana Grande’s signature “sweetener” scent. The gift set features a glass bottle and colorful, holiday-themed scrunchies. The set is perfect for gifting during the holiday season, and even better, the price match guarantee means that you won’t be paying more than you expected for this fragrance set.

Both the Ari perfume and Moonlight perfume come in the same stylish bottle. The fragrance is a blend of marshmallow, blackcurrant, and vanilla, and the bottle is adorned with a white pom-pom. The fragrance is refreshing and youthful, matching the pop star’s bubbly image. Both fragrances are three hours long, but they differ in strength. Compared to Ari, Moonlight is more feminine.