California Fish Grill

California Fish Grill Opens New Phoenix Location

The California Fish Grill is a chain of fast-casual seafood restaurants that serve a variety of salads and seafood at affordable prices. Their full profile can be found on the PitchBook Platform. Interested in learning more about the company? Explore their profile on There are many features that you’ll want to check out. Here are some of the top things to look for. Read on to learn more about the company and its new Phoenix location.

Healthy seafood options

For a family meal, try the California Fish Grill’s grilled specialties. They offer several types of fish protein, and you can choose between a salad, taco, or wrap. The restaurant is also good for kids, with a children’s menu available. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a dinner for your family, you can also order one of their many kids’ menu items.

When you’re looking for a great seafood restaurant, look for a place that focuses on healthy, sustainably-caught options. California Fish Grill is dedicated to making its menu healthy and tasty. They partner with sustainable fishing companies to source only wild-caught or farm-raised fish, so you can rest assured that your meals are safe for your family. You can also check their Seafood Watch program to see what kind of fish they’re serving to find out if it’s sustainable.

Whether you’re looking for a restaurant with a high-quality selection of sustainable seafood, or a place that serves upscale seafood dishes, you’ll find it at California Fish Grill. This restaurant’s chefs use sustainable fishing techniques and use only the freshest ingredients. You can enjoy grilled Salmon and Swai combo, tangy rosemary-zucchini salad, and greens salad, all while enjoying the healthy food and flavorful ingredients. You can even get chicken meals as a side dish.

The San Diego branch of California Fish Grill opened this month, while the Escondido branch is scheduled to open sometime next year. The restaurant’s menu features grilled fish entrees, Cali Bowls, and classic fried dishes. Additionally, if you want a lighter option, you can opt for the Coastal Tacos. You can check out the San Diego branch’s website to learn more about its menu.

Self-serve station

The self-serve station is one of the many conveniences of the California Fish Grill. This eatery is famous for serving delicious seafood and features an open kitchen. The menu features sustainably caught seafood and includes items like calamari, shrimp, ahi poke, fish and chips, and taco combination plates. It opened in February 2013 and is close to Rainbow Boulevard. The restaurant is open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. but closes at 9.30 p.m. on Thursdays.

Mobivity Holdings Corp., a global provider of personalized guest engagement solutions, announced that California Fish Grill has selected SmartMessage to implement its Fin Crowd Text Club. The restaurant’s Fin Crowd Text Club members are informed of menu updates and location updates, and first-time sign-ups are offered a free fish taco. With Mobivity’s SmartMessage, California Fish Grill can also tailor text messages to fit specific locations and times, which makes for a highly effective marketing tool.

An expanded menu and self-serve stations

A second Las Vegas outpost of California Fish Grill is planned for Suite 170 in a mixed-use building in the downtown area. The new location will replicate the “industrial chic” interior design of the brand and secure permits to serve beer and wine. In addition, the company plans to open a new California Fish Grill at the Las Vegas International Airport. In the meantime, the restaurant’s new location will have an expanded menu and self-serve stations.

A menu mix report from Restaurant365 enables the California Fish Grill to analyze historical sales and food costs. This report identifies opportunities for improving menus. It also tracks the profitability of new items and quarterly limited-time offers. The restaurant’s management team can also evaluate the food cost by using this report. Its new menu items are often based on this data. The report allows California Fish Grill to track actual versus theoretical food costs.

Wine and beer

A new Las Vegas restaurant is set to open in February – this time, in a space that’s a former suite of a mixed-use building. California Fish Grill filed paperwork to remodel the space, replicating the brand’s “industrial chic” interior. The company is also applying for a license to serve wine and beer. We’ll keep you posted on any changes. Here are some of the things to look forward to:

A great place to enjoy a nice meal with a great selection of drinks is California Fish Grill, a great Lake Forest restaurant that serves a wide selection of food. This restaurant is family-friendly and allows kids to join in on the fun. Its patio offers ample seating and is perfect for large parties. The staff is friendly and accommodating and the prices are reasonably priced. The restaurant’s 4.5 Google rating speaks for itself.

A California Fish Grill location is the latest in a growing California chain. The company opened its first location in San Jose earlier this year. A second location is scheduled to open later this summer on Brokaw Road, in the former Panera Bread site. A California Fish Grill location is not necessary to eat at a fast-casual restaurant. Instead, bring your friends or family with you for a great meal with excellent wine and beer.

With 30,000 different species of fish on its menu, California Fish Grill is the perfect place to sample the most mouthwatering seafood. The restaurant’s knowledgeable staff guides customers through a menu of seafood that will satisfy any palate. The restaurant’s renowned seafood experts are passionate about their products. You can even try one of their unique specialty grilled dishes. You can also bring your family along for the fun. There’s even a special menu for kids!

New Phoenix location

A new Phoenix location of the family-owned California fish grill has opened in Scottsdale. The chain has expanded throughout California, including in Scottsdale, where it will open a new restaurant called Lure Fish House. The new Phoenix location will serve fresh, sustainable seafood, with a focus on local, sustainably caught ingredients. The menu includes calamari, shrimp, and other seafood items, as well as favorites such as fish and chips and taco combo plates.

The Los Angeles-based chain plans to open its second Arizona location in late spring or early summer at the former IHOP on Camelback Colonnade. A public records search for the location of the restaurant revealed that the company has a pending ABC license. The Mesa location will continue to serve sustainably-sourced seafood, and the chefs will cook their meals over a flame gill. Customers can watch the food preparation as they eat.

Velocity Retail Group has represented California Fish Grill in its recent expansion plans. The restaurant will open its first Arizona location at the southeast corner of Stapley Drive and U.S. 60 Freeway. DSW Commercial Real Estate of Tucson owns the property. California Fish Grill currently has 38 locations in Southern California. Despite its growing popularity, the company is still in its early days in the market. But with a new Arizona location, the chain is on its way to expanding across the West Coast.