Jayda Wayda

What You Should Know About Jayda Wayda

Whether you are a Jayda Wayda fan or not, you should know a few things about her. These include her age, education, net worth, boyfriend, and more. You will also learn a little about her lifestyle and social media profile.

Jayda Wayda Introduction

Known for her bold looks, Jayda Wayda is a famous American social media celebrity and entrepreneur. The young entrepreneur is also the influencer girlfriend of rapper Lil Baby. She has gained millions of followers on her Instagram account and on other social media platforms.

In addition to her Instagram presence, Jayda Cheaves also runs her own fashion line. She frequently posts photos of herself and her family. The clothing line includes neutral-colored leggings, flared trousers, and cutout tops. She plans to expand her business.

Jayda Wayda was born in Savannah, Georgia, USA. She is the older sister of Ameerah Cheaves and Len Cheaves. She attended high school in 2015 and graduated. She also attended Caledon School of Business Technology in Mississauga, Ontario. She attended a few courses related to entrepreneurship.

She became a social media sensation in Savannah, Georgia. She started posting videos on different topics, including makeup tutorials, fashion videos, and mukbangs. She uploaded her first YouTube video on December 16, 2014. She has been a prolific vlogger. Her videos have earned over 68 million views. She has been awarded several awards in 2015. She won the Emerging Filmmaker Award for Best Direction at the Soul Train Film Festival in 2015. She has also been nominated for an award for Best Director (Poetry) at Hatty’s Royalty in 2016.

She is a successful entrepreneur. She is a fashion blogger, model, and vlogger. She has a YouTube channel with over three hundred and forty thousand subscribers. She also has a Twitter account with more than five hundred fifteen thousand followers.

Jayda Wayda Age

Having started her career as an Instagram influencer, Jayda Wayda has since expanded to own her own fashion boutique, AmourJayda. She’s also a popular YouTuber.

When she was a child, Wayda loved to shop for clothes and makeup. As she grew older, she began to sell her grandmother’s baked goods at school. After high school, she enrolled at the University of Georgia to complete her undergraduate studies. After college, she started selling fashion clothing online. Using her social media presence, Wayda saw her products sell quickly. She was inspired to start her own business and started Amour Jayda.

With over seven million followers on Facebook and more than six million on Instagram, Wayda is a social media star. She regularly posts travel vlogs, product reviews, and makeup tutorials on her accounts.

Wayda graduated from Windsor Forest High School in mid-2015. She recently bought a Mercedes-Benz with money she earned from her job. She has also been featured on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

In January 2021, Jayda appeared on the cover of Prema Magazine. She has several tattoos. She is also known for her friendship with rapper Lil Baby.

Jayda Wayda Family

Besides being an Internet sensation, Jayda Wayda is also a successful entrepreneur. She has started her own YouTube channel which is known for its helpful videos. She has over three hundred and twenty-nine thousand subscribers on her channel. She has earned money from her work, earning $15,039 to $25,065 per sponsored post. She has purchased a Mercedes-Benz from her earnings.

She is a member of the Black Lives Matter movement and supports the Black community. She enjoys shopping with her family. She is also a fitness fanatic. She has a curvy body like a supermodel. She regularly attends the gym. She has a lot of tattoos on her body.

Jayda Wayda is an American citizen. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 25, 1997. She is the oldest of two daughters. She has a brother named Len, and a sister named Ameerah. She grew up in Savannah, Georgia, and attended local high school. She went to college at the University of Georgia. She is a Christian. She is of mixed ethnicity.

When she was a teenager, Jayda started selling barely worn clothes on Poshmark. She quickly gained social media followers, and had her own brand at sixteen. In 2015, she graduated from the Savannah high school.

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Jayda Wayda Education

Among the most famous Internet personalities is Jayda Wayda. This beautiful woman is a model and an entrepreneur who has a huge following on social media. She has a large YouTube channel, which has more than nine million views. She also has a large Twitter and Instagram following.

Despite her beauty and fame, Jayda Wayda is a real person, who is currently living a happy life with her boyfriend Lil Baby. They have a son, which they got from a previous relationship. They live together and spend a lot of time on social media. They share beautiful images of themselves on different platforms. They also regularly upload videos about their family and friends.

She started selling vintage clothes when she was sixteen years old. In 2016, she moved to Atlanta for her new fashion line business. In addition to her clothing line, she sells hair care products, cosmetics, wigs, and stickers. She has endorsed many popular labels. She has also appeared in Telugu and Kannada films. She has also been featured in magazines and newspapers, such as Huffington Post and Forbes.

Jayda Wayda Boyfriend

Currently Jayda Wayda is single and she is not dating anyone. She is famous for her social media account. She has a huge fan base on Instagram and YouTube. She earns good money from her career. Her salary is between USD 20 and 25k.

When she was younger, Jayda started selling her baked goods on Poshmark. She also sold used clothing on the site. She then launched her own clothing line, Amour Jayda. She was instantly successful.

She was born on September 25, 1997, in Savannah, Georgia, United States. She has an older brother named Len, and a sister named Ameerah. She graduated from the high school Windsor Forest in 2015. She is an American model and entrepreneur. She has amassed more than seven million Instagram followers. She has a YouTube channel with more than three hundred and forty-two thousand subscribers. She has won several awards for her work. She is an inspiration to many young women.

Jayda is also known for her relationship with Lil Baby. They were together for two years. She has a son from the relationship. They are reportedly planning to get married soon. They share a lot of pictures on their social media accounts.

Jayda Wayda on Social Media

Known for her fashion and beauty tutorials, Jayda Wayda is an entrepreneur, a model, and a social media personality. She has a YouTube channel and a website. She is also active on Instagram. She has earned over 342K subscribers on her channel, and her videos have been viewed more than 240 million times.

She has also released two albums and is currently starring in the Netflix series, Death Note. Her debut album, ‘Ways to Be Wicked,’ was ranked #3 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. She has also toured internationally with Hozier and Lewis Capaldi.

She is very popular on Instagram, with over 6 million followers. She has a fashion and hair care line called Amour Jayda LLC, and she sells her clothing and cosmetics on Poshmark as a website. She is also an ambassador for some popular brands. She enjoys shopping and works out at the gym. She is also a self-care advocate, promoting eco-friendly products. She has been featured in numerous magazines and online publications.

In the past, Jayda has had a relationship with rapper Lil Baby. They dated for a couple of years, and they had a child together. But the relationship ended.

Jayda Wayda’s Net worth

Getting a peek at Jayda Wayda’s Net worth is not difficult if you know where to look. The entrepreneur and vlogger has a large social media presence and a great number of fans who follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

In addition to her YouTube channel, she has her own clothing line. She has partnered with Fashion Nova, and has several brand endorsements. She is also the founder of a website called Wayda Shop. It provides tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

As a YouTube star, Jayda has made millions of dollars on her videos. She has also received awards for her work. She was named Best Director of Poetry at the Hatty’s Royalty Festival in 2016, and won an Emerging Filmmaker Award for Best Direction at the Soul Train Film Festival in 2015. Her videos have been viewed over two billion times. She has a huge following on TikTok, where she posts a large number of videos.

She has also earned money from her modeling and commercial work. She earns between $20 and $25k per year. She owns multiple houses, and has a great number of followers across all of her social media accounts.

Jayda Wayda Life Style

Probably, you have heard the name Jayda Wayda before. She is an American model, entrepreneur and social media influencer. She is also famous on the popular app TikTok. Her YouTube channel has over nine million views. She also has over six million followers on Instagram.

She is also famous for her vlogs, where she narrates her everyday life. She posts videos on different topics such as fashion, makeup tutorials, lifestyle and others. She has a large following on her Twitter account. She has over three hundred thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Jayda Cheaves has a fashion line called Waydamin. She runs her business from Atlanta, Georgia. She sells clothes and hair products. She posts photos of her business on her social media accounts.

She also likes to wear expensive jewelry. She occasionally posts pictures of her son Loyal. She has an estimated net worth of two and a half million dollars. She was featured in Prema Magazine in January 2021. She has been in a relationship with rapper Lil Baby for several years. She split up with him for unknown reasons. She later reconciled with him.