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Most of the students think that maths is a difficult subject but it is not. Students have to concentrate on understanding the subjects and the concepts behind the problems rather than just concentrating on the problem-solving methods. Nowadays schools have class sizes of around 20 to 30 or more and they will use the traditional method of teaching using the blackboard. Each class in the schools will have students with different grasping capacities so everyone can’t catch the concept when it is being taught by the teachers for the first time. Nowadays even parents are not able to spend their time teaching their kids because of their commitments. In order to deal with such situations, parents can opt for online tuition which is available on the Internet today. Cuemath is the best platform where the students can get individual attention from the best math online tutors with interactive life sessions.

Advantages of Choosing the Maths Online Tutoring Over the Other Platforms 

Nowadays all parents are preferring online tuition for their kids rather than home tuition. This is because of their creative approach to the concept of mathematics.

The online tuitions will complete academic portions before they get completed in the schools. So it’s easy for the students to listen to the things in the school which they have already learned in their tuition. Since they get the opportunity to learn the same things twice in the class and as well as in the tuition they get clear with the methods and the concepts. Online classes will conduct the test after the completion of each topic and the assessment of each student is done based on their performance in the test.

Considering their performance in each test the customized instructions or given to the students based on their performance.

These classes facilitate the students with more interactive life sessions by asking the questions, students were allowed to think about the concept and exchange ideas with the other students to make their vision of the concept clear.

Introduction to the Volume of a Pyramid.

A pyramid is a polyhedron that is formed by connecting the polygonal base to a single point and the top which is known as the apex point. The lines that are drawn between the vertices of the polygonal base and the apex point form a triangular face which is called a lateral surface of a pyramid. The volume of pyramid is the space occupied by the pyramid or the number of materials it can accommodate within itself.

The volume of a Pyramid Formula

The volume of a pyramid formula can vary based on the shape of the polygonal base. This pyramid can have the many polygonal face basis like square triangles, Pentagon, hexagons, etc

The volume of a square pyramid = 1/3b2h

The volume of a triangular pyramid = 1/6abh

The volume of the pentagonal pyramid = 1/6 abh

The volume of the hexagonal pyramid = abh


a = apothem length of the pyramid

b = base length of the pyramid

h= height of the pyramid

Example: A pyramid has a square base of 3 cm and a height o5 9 cm. Find its volume.


According to the given data

b = 3cm

h = 5cm

V= 1/3b2h

= 1/3 (3)2 5

=1/3 *9 *5

= 15 cm3

Cuemath teachers design an activity that is relevant to the concept and simply the notes of the topic and play several activities by the students with the guidance of the teacher to experience the concepts rather than simply teaching them verbally. This makes the students get attracted to the subject which helps them to score good marks. Visit to read more latest articles.