7 Real Ways Moms Cope With the Stress of Motherhood

Being a mother is fulfilling and a blessing, but it still comes with difficulties. There’s a learning curve to being a mother, whether you’re new or have more than one child.

At times, you may be ready to pull your hair out. As much as you love them, your kids may sometimes give you a hard time.

To be the best mom you can be, you must learn the best ways to cope. You won’t always be stress-free, but there are things you can try, like walking or using marijuana. Participating in activities separate from your children can make your days a little bit lighter. You’ve got this!

1. Talking to a Counselor

You may struggle with postpartum depression or need someone to talk to. Either way, a mental health professional can help you through the stress of motherhood. They can offer suggestions on how to process your emotions. Plus, they can teach you how to respond to your children and significant others. Talk therapy is also beneficial because it helps you sort out the emotions you feel.

2. Using Marijuana

Being a mom takes a lot of hard work, sometimes leading to stress and anxiety. Not only that, but you may suffer from other health conditions such as endometriosis. Marijuana can ease your pain and relax you.

If you want to use marijuana, find a medical marijuana doctor in your area. They can walk you through the steps to get a medical marijuana card. Then, you can go to a dispensary and pick out everything from different strains to edibles!

Veriheal reveals how moms, known as cannamoms, use cannabis to ease their stress. So, it may be something that works for you too!

3. Going on Date Nights

As a mother, you deserve a night out once in a while! Whether with your significant other or taking yourself out, it’s nice to get away.

So, go out for dinner or watch a movie in a movie theater. No, having a movie night at home around the kids doesn’t count!

Getting away from the house and making time for yourself will help you enjoy motherhood more.

4. Listening to Audiobooks

There’s a way to escape without actually escaping your home. Go on a grand adventure by listening to an audiobook! There are an endless number of audiobooks available.

An audiobook is perfect for listening to while nursing the baby. Or, during the kids’ naptime, you can fold the clothes while listening.

5. Taking Long Walks

Even though you may not be able to escape for a few hours, a short walk can do you wonders. See if someone can watch your kids while taking a short, brisk walk. Walking around the neighborhood will allow you to experience fresh air and smell the flowers. You’ll come back to the house feeling revitalized.

Plus, exercise gives you endorphins. And, as we all know, endorphins make you happy!

6. Cuddling With a Pet

Getting hugs from your kids is nice, but so is cuddling with a pet! If you have a dog or cat who likes to relax, take advantage of their loving nature. For example, curling up and watching a movie with a cat on your lap is a great way to unwind. Or, having a dog lay their head on your lap can make you feel adored.

7. Taking a Relaxing Bath

Don’t underestimate the power of a long, relaxing bath. Create a zen space by lighting a few candles and soaking in a tub with Epsom salt. You may also want to read a book or watch a TV show simultaneously. Just make sure no electronics get dropped and land in the water!

Taking a bath is the perfect way to destress and take a break from the kids. Even though you love them dearly, they can be a handful sometimes.


There are going to be good and bad days of motherhood. Try not to be hard on yourself during the challenging days. You’re only human, after all!

You’ll be a better mom by finding ways to keep your sanity. Plus, you’ll learn what it takes to be the best mom you can be.

So, start using these activities to chill out, and being a mother will come easier. Keeping your stress levels down allows you to enjoy motherhood to the fullest!