Small Business Opportunities

Top Small Business Opportunities in Turkey for Pakistani citizens

There are tons of business opportunities in Turkey for Pakistani citizens. This is because of both the past growth record in Turkey’s business market and the bilateral relations between the two countries. You must know that Turkey’s strategic location and talented workforce have made it a hot investment spot for investors across the globe. Over the last few years, it can be seen that Pakistani citizens have been showing keen interest in the small business sector of Turkey. If you are an investor and want to start a small business then you, first of all, need a Turkey visa for Pakistani citizens. Turkey free visa for Pakistani is not applicable for businesses and investments so always apply for a formal business visa.

Small business ideas in Turkey for Pakistanis

Out of dozens of small business ideas, we have discussed the most popular and profitable ones here in this post. Know that you need to have a business Turkey visa for Pakistani to invest in any of these ideas.

Open a tourism agency

One of the most profitable businesses in Turkey that would help you earn good returns is a tourism agency. The reason we suggest you open a tourism agency in Turkey is that it has become one of the hottest tourist spots in the world. You can apply for a Turkey e visa for Pakistani citizens and check out how the tourism industry is booming in Turkey. You can visit the country and see the market opportunities before you invest.

Start roadside assistance service

Another profitable small business idea is starting your own roadside assistance service. You should know that Turkey has a huge growing population and with tourists coming in from other countries, you can see a lot of opportunities in this kind of business. You can open up small pit stops for cars or open local assistance cafes for both locals and tourists. To start this kind of service you would need to have a business visa in Turkey for Pakistan. Turkey visa for Pakistani can be obtained from the embassy.

Cleaning and laundry service

Here you should know that there is a very huge demand for cleaning services in turkey. Not only locals but also international travelers are in search of cleaning services. You can earn a good profit if you start a combination of cleaning and laundry service in the country can start on a small scale and later on grow your business as you earn from it. You have to apply for a Turkey visa for a Pakistani passport for this kind of work. Turkey visa for the Pakistani team needs to be applied to who would be working with you in this business.

Hazelnut Farming

It might not be in your knowledge but Turkey produces more than 80% of the world’s total Hazelnuts and so you can also invest in farming. You can lease agricultural land and start hazelnut farming and exportation. You can export hazelnut to Pakistan and to other countries in the world. For that of course you would need to have a Turkey visa for Pakistani exports.

Know that you cannot do business in Turkey if you only have the Turkey visa online for a Pakistani, you would need a proper business visa to invest in small business ideas.