Types of Hairstyles in English

When we are in an English-speaking country we need to know the hairstyle in English, there are some very popular styles that you can use on yourself and on your loved ones. We will today discuss these today and you can have a good look at them. You can use one style based on what type of your hair is now?

Let’s start with short styles like the combed-back or the side parted. Next, you can choose between long or curly styles like the top knot or the duck tail. The next style is the braid, you can make your own style by starting at your top part or in the middle, it’s your choice. The next style is the straightened or the flat-iron. These styles are very common and easy to use. You can either do a side part or brush it down in the back.

You can also do a middle part. The last style is called the blow dry or the hot iron style. It makes you look very smart. You can make yourself look very professional with this style and can have a very sleek and professional look if you do it right. You can wear your hair out, you can curl it up or you can pull it back.

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Popular hairstyles

We will now talk about some top favorite hairstyles and their specialties. In this way, you can

Types of Hairstyles in English

Layered hair

It is a very popular hair cut where your hair will be in layers, you can also color the layers to look different. In this way, you will look smart and you can make your look different with these hair colors.

Perm (Spiral Curls/ Wavy Hair/ S-waves Hair)

These are like curly hairs with different colors, here you will see that the hairs are curly, wavy, and with different waves. Also, new colors can bring variation to your hair.


These are done by hair experts with proper care and you can also apply color to them to be unique. Those who work on a regular schedule can try this easy one.


It is the smallest haircut where your hair looks like corn and finally, it sticks with your head. There are some variations and colors of the hairstyle. It is very popular among boys and Negro girls.


This haircut is similar to Cornrows but the design and style are different, you can try this out with a better grip on your hairstyle and then look different from others. It is now a very popular one among girls.


You can do anything at home and anywhere. You do not need a hair stylist to do it.

Bun hair

It is very popular among Asian women, they love to use this in their homes and offices look.

French twist

This is one of the easy hairstyles that you can try in a minute. You can try this for your corporate work, there you can do it very easily and you do not need others’ help to do it.

Half-up/ half down

This is for young girls that try to make their face longer, so the hair goes up for a bit, and then it comes down. You can take this look from a professional stylist.

Hair extension

It is an extra fitting hair part that you can set with your hair, these come in different colors and you can choose according to your choice.

Types of Hair in English

There are different types of hair, so you can check the list we have provided, and can give you some detailed ideas. These hairs suit your type and then you can use a hairstyle that adjusts with that.

  1. long hair / Medium / Short hair
  2. thick hair
  3. receding hairline
  4. curly hair
  5. brunette

There are many different types of hairs around us. Some hairs are short, medium, and long. Some hairs have curls and other hairs have straight lines. Most people usually have two to three types of hair. These hairs look different, and you can change your hairstyle to look different each time. A lot of people have long hair, but they still prefer to keep their hair short. There are many ways you can get different types of hair, and you should choose a hairstyle that suits your personality.

Final Words

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