Uncle Arnies Iced Tea Lemonade

Uncle Arnies Iced Tea Lemonade Review

Uncle Arnies Iced Tea Lemonade is a potent drink, so it is important to drink it responsibly. Start by sipping small amounts and increase your intake as needed. Just like any other alcoholic beverage, enjoy it responsibly and in moderation. For more information, see below:


Uncle Arnies Iced Tea Lemonade is a refreshing drink with a tasty sour and sweet flavor. It is a classic combination that everyone can enjoy. The brand is owned by Fly Brands, which makes it one of California’s top 100-mg-selling beverages since its legalization in 2021. While it isn’t the most potent drink on the market, it has a great taste and strong effects.

There are a few things you need to know about Uncle Arnies Iced Tea Lemonade before you order your next batch. First and foremost, you should know that it contains cannabis. Some people don’t like the taste of cannabis in drinks, while others prefer the powerful high. While you shouldn’t be put off by the strong flavor or potency of this drink, you should make sure you’re comfortable with it before you buy it.

To make Uncle Arnies Iced Tea Lemonade, the first step is brewing the cold brew tea. Next, you should add lemon juice and sugar. Once you’ve got those, you can add the cannabis oil. This will give the drink its flavor and a potent high. It is important to drink the drink within an hour. You should expect the effects to last for about 15 to 30 minutes.

THC content

Uncle Arnies is a California-based cannabis brand that focuses on making potent, yet tasty, edibles. Its popular Iced Tea Lemonade is one of the top-selling SKUs in California. This iced tea contains 100 mg of THC per serving. Its flavor is very strong and the effects will be felt within 15-30 minutes.

To make Uncle Arnies iced tea lemonades, start by brewing a cold brew tea. Next, add sugar and lemon juice. Mix well. Add a drop or two of cannabis tincture, if desired. Repeat as necessary.

While Uncle Arnies Iced Tea Lemonade is a delicious way to consume cannabis, some people may not like its flavor. Others may not want to experience the powerful high that cannabis offers. It may be an acquired taste. Some people may find it too sweet or too potent to enjoy it. Others may find it refreshing and even beneficial.


The potency of Uncle Arnies Iced Tea Lemonade is 100mg, which makes it a very strong beverage. While it is a great-tasting drink, be aware of its strong potency. It is recommended that you start with a small amount and gradually increase the amount as needed. Also, it is essential that you drink responsibly.

This non-alcoholic cannabis beverage is popular among cannabis consumers. Its flavor and potency make it a popular beverage. It is made from all-natural ingredients and packs a powerful punch. It is currently the top-selling 100mg beverage in California’s licensed dispensaries.

While it may not be for everyone, the potency of Uncle Arnies Iced Tea Lemonade makes it an ideal choice for a summer afternoon or night. It provides a great high and is a refreshing drink for hot days. However, it can be too strong or too sweet for some people. This is entirely subjective and depends on your tolerance.

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The drink is available in both chilled and room-temperature options. It contains a THC concentration of 100mg per 8-ounce bottle and is available in 240 points of distribution across California. The company uses a proprietary extraction process to ensure the highest potency for each serving.

While it is possible to get high from drinking this beverage, it is not recommended for use as a medication. However, this beverage has several benefits and is a good choice for those who want a beverage that is both effective and non-addictive. Uncle Arnies Iced Tea Lemonade is a great option for anyone seeking to relax after a long day. It is also a great beverage for pre-game relaxation.


Uncle Arnie’s 100mg CBD iced tea lemonade debuted in California in May of 2020, and it quickly became the top-selling cannabis beverage in the state. In less than 19 months, it sold over 304,000 units, outpacing its nearest competitor by three times. It contains a CBD concentration of 100mg per eight-ounce bottle and is available through 240 points of distribution in the state.

This drink is very versatile and can be enjoyed in several ways. It is refreshing and tastes great. It also contains a high amount of THC, so you can expect a powerful buzz after drinking it. You can also drink it to relax after a long day or to prepare yourself for a night on the town. Whatever the occasion, it is sure to be a hit.

Despite the high concentration of THC, Uncle Arnies Iced Tea Lemonade has a delicious taste. It’s packaged in tie-dyed imagery and bills itself as “a trip worth taking.” With about 100mg of THC per eight-ounce bottle, this cannabis-infused beverage is a good choice for those who are seeking an indica-hemp beverage.

Because Uncle Arnies Iced Tea Lemonade is so potent, it’s important to drink it responsibly. Start with a small amount and build up as you feel comfortable. Always remember that alcohol and cannabis products can be harmful when taken in high doses, so it’s best to consume Uncle Arnies Iced Tea Lemonade in moderation.