Don Spirit

Don Spirit, 40, Kills His Wife, Daughter, and Six Grandchildren, All under the Age of 12

Don Spirit: A sledgehammer is what prompted Don Spirit to slam his wife’s car in 2002. Christine Spirit had already been worried about her husband since his shooting accident that had accidentally killed their eight-year-old son in 2001. Don Spirit was later convicted of a gun charge in the shooting. He served three years in prison for the crime. Christine Spirit told police she was afraid of her husband. But she refused to make a formal statement about domestic violence. Christine and Don Spirit filed for divorce three years after the incident.

Don spirit killed his daughter, six grandchildren, and himself

Don Spirit, a former prisoner, killed his adult daughter and six of his grandchildren before killing himself. He spent a few years in prison for killing his son, but he’s now out after killing six of his children and himself. Don Spirit called 911 and told the dispatcher he planned to harm himself, but when the deputy arrived, he committed suicide. He had been shooting the children for years, but this time, he was responsible for their deaths.

A great aunt to three of the children, Colleen Stewart, was at the trailer home when Don Spirit shot his daughter and the children. Colleen Stewart overheard Don Spirit telling his daughter, Sarah, that he hated her children. He apologized to College, who was present the day before the murders. He claimed to be stressed out because Sarah had been taking money for sexual acts.

The family moved to Bell, Texas after the tragedy. Spirit had a history of violence against his wife, Christine. He also broke a window in Christine Jeffers’ vehicle with a sledgehammer. Christine Jeffers chose not to prosecute but did seek mental health treatment for Spirit. The judge also ordered the daughter to pay $6,578 in back payments. Spirit’s daughter is still alive. Several neighbors said that Spirit hated the children and grandchildren and called them names in public.

He was bipolar

The police have no clue whether Don Spirit had any mental illness or not. It is unclear whether his family ever sought treatment for his condition. However, the DCF Critical Incident Rapid Response Team that investigated the case made a mistake and did not document his previous history. They also failed to verify Don Spirit’s past drug use and abuse of his grandchildren. Carroll has since assembled a team to investigate the case. This team is not the only one that did not properly document Don Spirit’s past.

The DCF received a report about the children who lived with Don Spirit. Spirit was released from jail after violating probation. He had a long criminal history, including larceny, shoplifting, and drug possession. His two fathers are incarcerated. The incident occurred in December 2014 and was covered by the media. While Spirit’s psychiatric history is unclear, the 911 call was widely circulated on TikTok. Some videos of the incident contain graphic content.

In a report released six months after the Bell, Florida, incident, investigators have offered possible motives. Don Spirit was angry with Sarah Spirit, a great aunt to three of the children. They had argued over property taxes, and Sarah was expecting their fourth child. He grabbed her by the arm and shoved her against the refrigerator, “boxing her cheeks very hard.” The incident was reported to DCF, which alerted local child-protection officials.

He was convicted of marijuana possession in 1996

Don Spirit, a 40-year-old man from Bell, Florida, was convicted of possessing a firearm while a felony in 2016. He was sentenced to three years in prison for fatally shooting his son, Kyle, during a hunting accident in 2001. Spirit was emotional about the shooting and pointed out that he noticed rust on the rifle’s muzzle. Upon further investigation, he discovered that Kyle had been shot in the head. He was previously convicted of possession of marijuana in 1996.

He was on medication for a weapons possession charge in 2003

After being charged with a weapons possession charge in 2003, Don Spirit was on medication and had an extensive criminal history. His previous convictions include possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana and a weapons possession charge in 1996. He shot his wife, daughter, and six grandchildren, all under the age of 12, and himself. The murders happened Thursday after the children returned from school. Spirit called 911 to report the killings and spoke briefly with deputies before turning the gun on himself.

Don Spirit had a history of violent behavior. Before he shot his wife and children, he had been arrested for a variety of offenses. One of them was leaving the scene of a fatal accident. While the specifics of this case were not publicly available, the report indicated that Spirit was off his medication for several weeks. He was also suspected of smoking spices. A video of Don Spirit’s 9-1-1 call is currently making the rounds on TikTok. While there are many videos of the incident, the audio is graphic.

Police had cordoned off the dirt road leading to his house in Bell, a town of about 350 people 30 miles west of Gainesville. Spirit’s two-acre home was worth $20,000 and was surrounded by police. While Spirit was on medication for a weapons possession charge in 2003, the town of Bell, Georgia, was shocked by the shooting. After the incident, hundreds of people attended a local high school football game.

He was living in a dilapidated shack on the property of his boyfriend’s family

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He was yelling and cussing

The woman who called the police on her husband was eight months pregnant and 22 years old. She was afraid of his violent behavior and pleaded no contest to a battery charge. However, the woman never followed up on her request for a restraining order. Spirit was later convicted and sentenced to jail for six months for battery. She also has two other children. FDLE is currently investigating the case.

The 911 recording revealed a disturbing confession that Spirit made shortly before he shot his daughter and her six children. This explains why the woman called 911 after the murder-suicide. However, the caller said he was “yelling and cussing” and ‘I need help’ when she heard it. Spirit then shot himself. The children’s bodies were found inside and outside the mobile home.