Wedding Invitations

What Is the Actual Cost of Sending Wedding Invitations In 2023?

In the midst of the stressful process of planning your wedding day, do you wonder what the average cost of sending wedding invitations will be in 2023? To be honest, this question can be difficult to answer because different couples have different preferences and budgets. For a few couples, it’s difficult to pay $300 for 100 wedding invitations, while others happily agree to pay $1,200 for the cards of their choice. So factors that influence the price of wedding invitations do matter. We will discuss those factors in a later part of this article.

Another important question to address is how to make wedding invitations. To make your wedding invitations, you can use printing shops, design studios, stationery stores, or DIY. But another facilitating opportunity is online wedding invitation stores. You can easily get your dream wedding invites delivered right to your door at amazingly reasonable prices. Most people don’t want to compromise on the quality of their products, so we offer you the opportunity to order samples of your customized wedding invitations. You can instantly cover anything lacking in the personalized sample or something that is not linked. If you are satisfied, you can place an order and receive your wedding cards within a standard 7-day period. This is definitely amazing to hear.

Now, look at the average cost for 100 cards offered by different available sources.

Stationary Suite

It is possible to make wedding invitations at stationery shops if you have enough time. You can visit and look for multiple available templates created by different designers. The average cost for 100 cards at a stationary suite will be around $1000-$1800 in 2023. If you customize your cards by altering their color, script font style, folds, or anything else, you will be charged extra for those changes. So think carefully about your budget before heading there.

Online Stores

Making your wedding invitations online is the most convenient way to avoid stress. Wedding invitations at cheap prices are available here. A wedding invitation can spur your wedding preparations by providing dozens of elegant designs, numerous enticing colors, stylish fonts or calligraphy, quality paper, and an overall classy style. You can create wedding cards of your own preference by taking ideas from different templates. You can add your romantic picture in the background to make it more unique and different. Let’s talk about their prices. You’ll be surprised to find that the lowest price for a card is just $0.99-$2 to date, including envelopes. So we can guess rates for online 100 vintage wedding cards in 2023 will be more or less $250-$400. This is the most reasonable option to go for if you do not want to compromise on the quality and standards of your wedding invitations.


If your budget is extremely tight, you may want to consider DIY wedding invitations. But to do so you must have basic knowledge of how to create templates. Carefully design the layout and insert essential information like the name of the bride and groom, warm welcome script, date and time, venue, etc. Color it according to your wish and make it ready to print. For printing, you have to purchase paper of your choice and then print using your own printer or that of someone else. The average cost for 100 DIY wedding invitations in 2023 will be more or less $120. Keep in mind you will need plenty of time for DIY wedding invitations. The choice is yours, save money or time!

Factors That Influence the Rates of Your Wedding Invitations

The total costs for wedding invitations strongly vary from couple to couple due to the following factors:

  • Number of the cards as per your guest list
  • Design
  • Source of printing (digital or flat)
  • Level of customization
  • Quality of the paper
  •  Size and folds


The estimation of the total costs for your wedding invitations would be incomplete without including the amount of posting your wedding invitations. Don’t forget it!