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Different Styles of Hello Kitty Plush

If you have a soft spot for Hello Kitty Plush and are looking for a new plush toy, look no further! These adorable dolls are made of plush materials and feature embroidered features throughout. They are great for children of all ages and make great gifts. Here are a few different styles to consider.


A Sanrio Hello kitty plush toy makes a fun and memorable gift. The company created the plush line based on the slogan, “Small Gift, Big Smile,” and continues to deliver quality products that will bring smiles to children and adults alike. As a result, Sanrio plush toys are in high demand as gifts and collectibles. They also help people highlight ever-changing trends and serve as cherished reminders of gift-giving.

The plush is made of soft fabrics and is 8 inches tall, making it an ideal size for cuddling and playtime. Its iconic design makes it a great gift for fans of Sanrio and Hello Kitty fans. It is recommended for children ages three and older. The color and design may vary.

Funko POP!

When you’re shopping for Hello Kitty, consider the Funko POP! Hello Kitty Unicorn Party figure. This 3.9-inch plush figure is dressed in rainbow-colored unicorn pajamas and holds a teddy bear. It also comes with a window display box. The figure is available for pre-order.

This plush is a great gift for your kids or your favorite collector. They’re made of soft fabrics and are incredibly comfortable to hold. These dolls are perfect for gift-giving, and they make excellent collectors’ items. It’s never too early to start collecting these adorable toys.

Mystery mini figure series

Hello Kitty fans can now collect a mystery figure series of plush Hello Kitty figures. The series features eight different designs and two chase variants. Each Mystery Mini stands 2.5 inches tall and features two extra-rare chase figures. Each figure features a different color, design, or outfit. A few of the more popular designs are included. Mystery figures are also available in a variety of styles, including a rare Glow Frankenstein.

The first Mystery mini figure series for Hello Kitty plushes features Hello Kitty in a horror-themed costume. The series also features Hello Kitty in classic monster costumes. As a bonus, this series is limited to just a few hundred pieces. These limited edition figurines are sold in a blind-boxed display box.


Kidrobot’s collaboration with Sanrio continues with a new Hello Kitty! This time, the plush is dressed in metallic retro clothing! It is also weighted at the bottom so it can stand easily. It’s a fantastic choice for fans of Hello Kitty!

The Hello Kitty Zodiac Plush Series features Hello Kitty themed as the signs of the zodiac. The Sagittarius plush is 13 inches tall and features an astrological symbol on the bottom. The collection will be available in 2021 and will cover all 12 Zodiac signs!

The Hello Kitty is made from soft premium materials and features a tiger-striped jacket with a hood. It also has a graphic of Hello Kitty riding a tiger on the back. Its soft textured fabric makes it a great gift for any child.

Hello Kitty Plush Types

30cm Hello Kitty Plush Doll

If you’re looking for a cute gift for your little girl or boy, look no further than this 30cm Hello Kitty Plush Dolly. This cute little doll features a ribbon bow on the head and embroidered details on the nose. It is made of soft material and is perfect for cuddling. However, it’s important to note that this toy is not suitable for children under the age of three, as it contains small parts and marbles.

This adorable toy will be a wonderful addition to any child’s room. It is filled with soft, fluffy material and is ideal for cuddling, especially while sleeping. Not only does it provide hours of cuddling enjoyment, but it can also help relieve stress. This toy can serve as a best friend and is sure to be loved by children and adults alike.

30cm Pink Hello Kitty Plush with Ice Cream

This cute and cuddly plush is sure to bring smiles to the faces of kids and adults alike. Dressed in colorful clothes, she even sports an ice cream cone! She’ll be the perfect companion for your kawaii style or adorable stuffed animal collection.

The cute plush is interactive, too! The ice cream scoops are attached to two ice cream cones, making the plush interactive. The four ice cream characters are removable, and you can place them on top of each other for a unique treat!

30cm Hello Kitty Plush Toys Fruits Series

The 30cm Hello Kitty Plush Towels Fruits Series features a variety of adorable fruit-themed characters that can be enjoyed by children and their parents alike. They are made from soft materials, stand about 11 inches tall and feature the classic Hello Kitty markings, including a pink bow. These adorable plush toys are the perfect companions for children who appreciate cute stuffed animals and kawaii style.

30-50cm Kawaii Stuffed Plush Hello Kitty

This Kawaii Stuffed Hello Kitty is made of soft materials and stands at 11 inches tall. It has classic Hello Kitty markings and a pink bow. This adorable and friendly kitten is the perfect companion for any kawaii style or stuffed animal enthusiast.

70cm Big Size Hello Kitty Plush Toy

This 70cm Big Size Hello Kitty Plusy Toy is made from plush and high quality filling materials. It measures about 11 inches in length and has the classic Hello Kitty markings and pink bow. Hello Kitty is a friendly kitten who loves to meet new people. Her soft fur makes her the perfect companion for your kawaii style and cute stuffed animal collections.

10cm High Quailty Kawaii Hello Kitty Plush Keychai

Among the most popular characters, Hello Kitty has a large fan base around the world. Whether you’re looking for a new plushie, figurine, or stuffed animal, you’ve come to the right place! Five Below has a wide selection of plush toys and figurines from Sanrio and Hello Kitty.

23cm Hello Kitty Plush With Bag Rated

This 23cm Hello Kitty Plush is made from soft and cuddly materials. The design features classic Hello Kitty markings and a pink bow. Hello Kitty is a lovable kitten that loves to make new friends. The soft fur and kawaii style make this adorable stuffed animal an ideal companion.

30cm New Kawaii Hello Kitty Plush Toy with Ice Cre

Scoop up some ice cream with this huggable Hello Kitty and Friends plush toy! Featuring sprinkled ice cream, this plush dessert is sure to entice you to reach for a midnight snack! Featuring a height of 12.7cm/5.3 inches, it is the perfect companion for young kawaii fans.